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Our title company provides title abstracts to the real estate community, including lawyers, title companies and municipalities. We offer quality title abstracts at market rates. We also provide real estate closings services, including preparation of settlement documents and attendance at closings. We partner with our sister law firm to issue polices of title insurance and complete legal review of the closing process.

Abstracting Services

Lawyers Title Exchange offers all of the industry standard searches. We work with a variety of clients including title companies, title insurers, financial institutions, realtors, brokers, and attorneys. We provide title for all of your real estate transactions. LTX is here to provide service that makes your job easier and your business run more efficiently. Along with our standard services we can design a report precisely to fulfil your needs. Our services include:

60 Year Search
30 Year Search
40 Year Search
Two Owner
Current Owner
Commercial Search
Developer Search
Pre-Foreclosure Search
Deed in Lieu Search
Ownership Search
Lien Search
Chain of Title
Document Retrieval