LTX Companies

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ComboPhotos1Integrity, Commitment, and Trust

These are our principles and the goals we achieve each day.

LTX Companies is comprised of legal, real estate, and business professionals dedicated to the satisfaction of their clients.  Each individual associated with LTX is committed to providing excellent customer service and results.  The family of companies making up LTX are Lawyers Title Exchange, LLC and LTX Law Group. 

LTX provides the following host of services:

  • Real property title examinations and abstract reporting
  • Real estate closings and real estate settlement services
  • Title insurance agent and the escrow agent
  • Litigation
  • General practice of law

The professionals at Lawyers Title Exchange, LLC have been involved collectively in the real estate abstracting and closing business for well over 50 years. We know real estate titles and closings. It is what we do.

The professionals at LTX Law Group have been practicing law for over 25 years. Although LTX Law Group has a focus on real estate and related matters including real estate litigation, we  have experience in many other areas of the law. LTX Law Group is committed to providing quality legal representation at rates that are fair and reasonable, while maintaining the highest ethical standards. 

We invite you to learn more about the LTX Companies by touring the webpages for both LTX Law Group and Lawyers Title Exchange.