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LTX Companies offers comprehensive real property legal services, mortgage services, title search, litigation and default services and more to realtors, lenders, clients, homebuyers and banks in Maryland.

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LTX Companies is comprised of legal, real estate, and business professionals dedicated to the satisfaction of their clients.

Each individual associated with LTX is committed to providing excellent customer service and results. The family of companies making up LTX are Lawyers Title Exchange, LLC and LTX Law Group.

Since 1993

LTX Law Group was founded in 1993 and is comprised of legal professionals with decades of experience serving the needs of clients locally and nationally.

There's a reason we are one of the top-rated real estate firms in Baltimore.

1. Integrity

To us, this means conducting business with honesty. Strong moral principles are at the heart of all business conducted at LTX Companies.

2. Commitment

We are dedicated to delivering superior client experiences, and to fostering a positive work environment for our entire team.

3. Trust

We understand that trust is earned, not given. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients and team believe in our abilities and expertise.

We invite you to learn more about the LTX Companies by touring the services for both LTX Law Group and Lawyers Title Exchange.

Title Search / Title Examinations / Abstracting Services

A title examination is a close examination of all public recording that affect the title to the real estate you are purchasing.  We work with a variety of clients including title companies, title insurers, financial intuitions, realtors and attorneys.

Closings & Settlements

Comprehensive settlement services for both commercial and residential properties. We are committed to ensuring a settlement process that is smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Title Insurance Agent & Escrow Agent

Title Insurance guarantees the ownership of the property and the escrow agent insures the proper transfer of funds.


Although LTX Law Group has a focus on real estate and related matters including real estate litigation, we have experience in many other areas of the law including Business Litigation, Trusts & Estates and High Value Civil Litigation.

General Law Practice

Our experienced legal team is committed to providing quality legal representation at rates that are fair and reasonable, while maintaining the highest ethical standards.


Foreclosures are one of the most significant risks that banks face when they lend money for home purchases. When a borrower defaults on their mortgage, the bank must take action to recover the funds that are owed.

Default Services

LTX offers assistance to Maryland banks in managing default situations.

Borrower’s Assistance

We offer a range of borrower’s assistance programs, including counseling, financial education, and debt management services. T.

LTX Law Group has been providing top-notch real estate law and general law services since 1993.

LTX Law Group is comprised of legal professionals with decades of experience serving the needs of clients locally and nationally. We provide quality representation to clients in many facets of the law, including Real Estate Matters, Business Litigation, Default Services, Trusts & Estates and High Value Civil Litigation.


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