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Title Searches and Abstracts – What is the Difference?

Obtaining a Title Search during the home buying process is standard procedure. A Title Search refers to the process title company goes – by searching available public records to review the recorded documents associated with the house or property over the years. While this process is similar to an abstract search, the two are actually not the same.

Abstract Title Searches Provide A Detailed History Of A Property

For example, a Title Search generally goes back 40 years, whereas an Abstract of Title search provides the longest and most detailed records, because it goes back to the time the house or property was built, or in some cases prior to a house or property being built. An Abstract Title Search could go back to the time when the government issued land grants, or might even include details on the mineral rights – which refers to important property features such as silver, precious metals, oil, natural gas, etc.

Since obtaining the Abstract of Title is more detailed and time consuming, the cost is higher to obtain this type of Title Search than a standard Title Search that covers the last 40 years. While an Abstract of Title takes more time to complete, it does provide the greatest degree of detailed history, which some people might want. While Abstracts of Title are not typically required by Lenders, Title Searches are usually required (this is because a title report is usually required to purchase the title insurance policy).

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Title Search 101

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